The clothes were still wet from the Ronde tribute ride and already it was time to go scouting for the route of the Hell of the North tribute Ljubis Kranjaix [say Lyubí Kranjaé]. There’s no Paris Roubaix without the pavé and the finish on the velodrome… and it had to be the same for our ride.

Photo from route scouting:

strava (route scouting)

Yesterday thirteen riders came to the ride. The route took us over some pavé, some field gravel roads, we even went over a level crossing and then into a forest on a really bad gravel road, just like the famous Arenberg.

Here’s a little edit  from our finish on the Kranj velodrome made by Jure from Pici Bici:

TheClassicsExperience: Ljubis Kranjaix from Pici Bici on Vimeo.


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Ronde van Vlaanderen / Tour of Flanders. Last week was dedicated to the race and tribute ride. Route scouting, specific training, route testing,… You name it, we got it.

The weather was crappy throughout the whole week and the forecast for Sunday wasn’t any different. I was really concerned nowbody would show up for the ride because of the weather and the Easter holidays weren’t helping either. On Friday I received some reassuring news from the PiciBici Pro team, that they would do their best to be there on Sunday. Respect to Klemen and Marko (PiciBici) for driviing all the way from Pivka to Ljubljana just for the ride. Jure and Aljaž also joined in, so there we were: five soaked riders on the finish line in Kamnik.

“Photofinish” by our finish line reporter Mare:


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Wednesdays are climbing days for me, that’s the day I picked in the week to do my hill repetitions. I would like to make it every week, but till now I was not so consistent on that matter. So when I get the urge for climbing I just go for it, be it on wednesday or thursday or both ;]

Wednesday Rašicas



Thursday Pečars


Climbing a hill you know well certainly gives you the oportunity to think or even meditate. There’s two videos I recently watched that are giving some clues about climbing thoughts. Patrick Seabase and Bradley Wiggins on what goes through their minds when climbing.

The second ride in our classics campaign. There were some new faces at the start and we even got our Classics Experience race numbers pinned on our backs. Just like the Pros ;]
Halfway through the ride we had a non-planned stop because of a flat. First we tried to patch it, but the holes were to big, so we just changed the tube. From this point on we worked like a pro peloton, with riders changing on the front in half minute intervals. The weather was windy with occasional snow, so just like on the real Milano-Sanremo later that day, but we managed to arrive to the finish without any bus transfers ;]

Picture from the international finish courtesy of Mare

After the Classic ride we decided to have a go on Rašica, just to finish in style.


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Life is one big challenge. ( I just love to start a post with a cheezy line :] )
If you have an account on Strava, then you are probably aware that they organise a lot of challenges trough the whole year with different partners and sponsors. The last one is Giro’s Train Like Taylor Challenge where you are supposed to put in 31 hours and 51 minutes of training in sixteen days.
Of course Taylor Phinney did that in a training camp that lasted only eleven days, but come on we’re no pros, so we need a couple of extra days.
I started the challenge with the JeBela Cesta ride and had a great week after that in which I managed to put in half of the hours needed to complete the challenge. But then the bad weather came and now I have just three days left to squeeze in the missing twelve hours. It’s going to be an additional challenge.

Some of my previous Strava ( x Rapha ) challenges

There’s another, more personal, challenge I completed this week. It’s been 52 weeks (one year) of me doing at least one ride every week. Of course I did more than that, but the pause between rides was never longer than six days.

km / week chart

The Classics Experience project is also a challenge. It’s an experiment on how to get people hyped on cycling trough cycling. How to spread and share the enthusiasm and passion we feel for cycling. This weekend our second ride – a tribute to Milano SanRemo – is scheduled and I fear it’s going to be a make it or brake it event. We will definitely get some answers if the project has the spark that will ignite the big fire.
When people, that come to our rides, think about The Classics Experience in a years time, I want them to feel the passion I feel when I watch videos like this one:

The weekend felt like one big day. Saturday morning marked the begining of The Classics Experience project with its premiere ride  – JeBela Cesta.
As Bradley Wiggins once said: “I haven’t got the vocabulary to explain it like that.” So I’m giving you someone who does. Rok has written a beautiful post on his blog entitled The first of the Classics.

Screenshot from Jure’s video

After the ride there was just enough time to grab a bite before the Strade Bianche coverage.
The Italians finally got their first winner of the race: Moreno Moser put on a fantastic show and crowned it with arriving first on the Piazza del Campo in Siena.

Saturday evening was reserved for a fashion show in K4 club, where Pici Bici were presenting some custom painted frames and a real looker of a bike: the Pici Bici Razzo. They promised they would let me take it for a spin around the Kranj velodrome. Can’t wait.

Here’s a sneak peek by Tadej Vaukman

Sunday was the day to go for a ride. The weather really couldn’t have been nicer. Sunny and not a cloud in sight. In the second half of the ride I tried out part of the curse that will feature in our next  Classics tribute ride: Ljubljano SanŠterno in two weeks time.


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The longest way home.
On my way home from work today I decided to check out the first gravel segment of the JeBela Cesta ride. I’ve never been there, so I didn’t know what to expect. As it turns out the segment is uncyclable, because of snow. So there will be a small deviation on Saturday’s route. The other four segments are true “strade bianche” style roads and are unaffected by snow. The weather forecast for the next couple of days is perfect and I’m confident we’ll have a great time experiencing our first Classic of the season.

Pictures from the first (cancelled) segment.


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